Honduras – Forgotten and Trampled

I traveled to Honduras for 6 weeks towards the end of 2013, including the period of elections in late November. More than once I heard the comment of desolation or isolation felt by Hondurans that their country was the “ETC.” of the Americas. Other nations perhaps thought of because of great social conflicts, but at least acknowledged. Honduras for the most part does not make the news. It is the perennial “banana” republic – controlled and manipulated by foreign interests that have amply rewarded the old oligarchy. I must admit that I really did not know much about Honduras, other than a bit about some people who lived and worked there. This blog will attempt then to provide a forum where some information about Honduras can be collected and shared. Of particular interest is Canada’s involvement in Honduras in recent years.  I do not pretend to have an in depth understanding of the history of Honduras or how it have evolved into the present crisis. As this blog develops I too will be participating in the learning curve so that Honduras becomes more than the “etc.” of Central America. I dedicate this to the committed and brave people I met, many who have suffered personal tragedies and injustice. May they be strong and may they be safe.

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